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Double Satellite Live Maps

live satellite maps work in different mode Two Google maps connected together are interactive double live maps. These double maps live work in different modes at the same time (synchronously).
One of these maps live is in the satellite maps' mode and the other one is in the live satellite images' operating condition at the same time. If the coordinates of the live map change, the coordinates of the other live Google map will change automatically too.

Auxiliary tools provide the user with an opportunity to evaluate the length of an object and find its geographic coordinates.

Google map as a magnifying glass

 This map will be useful to do the dynamic review of the magnified image of the determined area of the Earth surface Looking at the Earth and using satellite images you need to change from time to time a zoom level to the Earth surface on Google maps. The additional live map as a magnifying glass gives the possibility to do the dynamic review of the magnified part of the picture.

Digital Earth Globe

Google Earth online unites Google search, maps live, satellite images, 3D pictures of buildings and a local landscape.

Google Moon online

Google Moon online Using the live maps one can consider the surface of the planet on the monitor, as though with the aid of a giant telescope.

Make use of a control panel for moving on the live satellite map.

Google Mars online

Google Mars online The planet Mars, is enigmatic and distant. With the aid of a satellite mapit is possible to examine the surface of Mars. The Interactive maps are created by Google on the basis of the live satellite images belonging to NASA

Widget for website

map for your site This widget will enable your website visitors to measure the area on the map or area of the object

Determine the coordinates for slow internet connection

Satellite map on your mobile device

The application is destined for operating on the mobile devices with GPS receiver (Smartphone, tablet). One can determine the altitude above sea-level and coordinates of one's locality.
Type this address into your mobile browser: //

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Determine the distance between the points

By means of this Google maps' utility you can get the general distance between two or more points on the satellite map