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Moon Globe

We observe the surface of the Moon using Google satellite maps as if we do it in a huge telescope.
Numerous craters make Moon's surface like the Mars' one. (Here is a map of Mars ) Besides craters there are mountain peaks. They name them in honour of Earth mountains. There are seas on the Moon too, but they are arid. The names of some places are taking out of the map limits. Read the list and click then. You will move to the chosen place of the Moon.

Some places on the surface of the Moon:

• Crater Tycho
• Crater Copernicus
• Crater Aristarchus
• Crater Herodotus
• Crater Kepler
• Crater Hipparchus
• Crater Goclenius
• Crater Langrenus
• Sea of Showers
• Sea of Tranquility
• Sea of Serenity
• Crater Vitruvius
• Sea of Fertility
• Ocean of Storms
• Sea of Moisture
• crater Plato
• Montes Alpes
• Montes Caucasus

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