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The Application to determine coordinates from the mobile device and viewing locality on the satellite map

You can use this application downloading from the mobile browser the page at the address: // or go to the link - Lat/Long Lookup

It is usual that you can move to the page with this program in browser on a desktop computer. And even more so, if to the browser question 'To allow determining your location', you answer 'Yes', the program will plot any coordinates, but it will not be your position, and most likely, you will see coordinates of the central office of your Internet provider. Therefore, to plot your coordinates, use this application on a device with built-in GPS module or external GPS navigator.

Some features of the application with 'cold' start of GPS receiver:
'Cold' start is called the first inclusion of the GPS module after it was not used for a long time or since the last time of start the GPS receiver was turned off and moved for a considerable distance. Upon 'cold' start download of information about the parameters of orbits of all satellites occurs, so the time to determine GPS coordinates may be delayed up to 10 minutes. If the GPS receiver was not turned off or was turned off for a short time, then determination of the coordinates is very fast. Also the waiting time of the auxiliary A-GPS module significantly reduces. Acceleration is very noticeable upon 'cold' start. Accordingly, this module should also be turned off.

Could the user plot its coordinates in the premise?
In this case, it depends on whether A-GPS module is used in your device. With this module, the system will try to find your location based on signals from mobile stations. However, the accuracy of determination is much less than receipt of 'pure' GPS signal. It would be better to plot your position outdoors, where there is no interference from large trees or structures.