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Mars Globe

The digital globe of the Mars represents itself the online supplement of the version of Google Earth. That's why the operating elements of the globe are the same as in the basic program. The most famous places on the planet are shown in the list. The click on the record moves you to the choosen place fluently and with animation effects:

• Mount Olympus. His height is greater than 21 km
• Mariner Valleys -Canyon System on Mars
• Mount Peacock
• The Tharsis region
• Chryse Planitia (Greek, "Golden Plain")
• Hellas Planitia
• Alba Mons - huge low-lying volcano
• Ascraeus Mons
• Isidis Planitia
• Utopia Planitia (Nowhere Plain)
• Lunae Planum
• Syria Planum

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