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'Magnifying Glass' For Satellite Images

The centres of two related maps indicate the same coordinates. A satellite map represents the area on a smaller scale (top window), and the second magnifies the central part of the image and performs the function of the lens (lower window).

This utility is designed to simplify surfing the satellite images. Its feature is that the user is able to examine the same region of the world with different zoom levels with respect to the Earth's surface. To that end, this page has two satellite dynamically linked maps.

Changing the coordinates of the centre on one of them leads to an automatic displacement of the centre in the same point of the second geoimage and a coordinate display unit informs of the current coordinates.

These images have different levels of approximation and the map in the bottom window has the ability to present a picture of a larger scale, creating an enhanced image. Thus, the picture in the lower window functions as a 'magnifying glass'.

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The picture in the lower window functions as a 'magnifying glass'. In fact, there is no image enhancing; for example, a utility for determining the coordinates, altitude and address uses the same data source, but not limited to the magnification of the image. The utility task 'magnifying glass' is to try to simultaneously capture a satellite close-up and zoomed out image. In such a case, the need for constant change of a zoom level to have a more detailed view of the interesting area on the map eliminates, and this, to some extent, simplifies the search for a geosurfing and satellite images. The practical implementation is very simple - the upper geoblock is used a limit to maximum image, and zoom control in the lower-left block is unchanged, and the geoimage of area will be approached with a few levels higher than for the first map.

'Lens' has a built-in control for selecting the type of geoimage, and if there are aerial photos for the areas considered to view at an angle of 45 degrees, then it appears an additional control for rotating the image 90 degrees to the vertical axis.