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About service to determine the parameters for the Google Street View panoramas

How to use the program
(For determine the parameters for the Google Street View )

When looking for the certain address, just click on the map at the point you are interested in or move the Pegmen icon there, and landscape will be automatically updated according to the selected position.

Date of photo creation

For the "street image", the program selects time of creation for a certain panorama picture and shows it to the reader in a format "YEAR"-"MONTH".

How to specify the tipping and camera direction?

Determination of the tipping, camera direction, shooting coordinates and level of image zooming is to be automatically upon any action of the user in the Google window "street view". Values of these parameters, excluding the shooting date, constitute the url address in a specific order at which you can refer to the maximized landscape picture. Format of this line is the following -,latitude,longitude,heading,pitch

Looking through the photocopy of real world, users find interesting pictures, references to which you can share with your friends by e-mail or in social network. It is in order that other people can see the selected picture as you wish and all required parameters.

Where it is necessary to find the landscape picture by coordinates

If there is a landscape picture of a certain city, but when searching, you enter a wrong (non-existing) address or you specify the landscape that is located more than 50 m rom the shooting point, the program will inform that landscape is not available. In this case, try to find the landscape by coordinates (longitude and latitude) and in searching line, instead of the address, write down long and lat separated by comma and with no spaces. Pay attention that, in particular, street images are shouted at the street, but not inside the buildings. Although now there are exceptions from this rule. For example, there are references to the "street view maps" in the shop and on the Amazon River.