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Rome fountains

There are about 280 fountains in modern Rome. The most outstanding architectural structures are considered to be the fountains Trevi, Triton and the Fountain of the Four Rivers.

The first place in the list is occupied by the famous architectural monument - Fountain Trevi.

Its name derives from the name of square, where it is located. This fountain is considered to be the most beautiful fountain in Rome, it borders with the palace facade and is perceived by the viewers as one complete structure.

The Triton Fountain is located in Barberini square. The buildings surrounding the square and their shadow prevent photo viewing in the satellite picture. To better view the square, it is necessary to rotate the live map several times at 90 degrees or to disable the top view under 45 degrees.

The Fountain of the Four Rivers is situated in Navona square. Unfortunately, we did not manage to figure out the required parameters for 'view from street', the 3D image starts inside the building. To reach the fountain make three clicks in the direction of exit from the coffee-house and then zoom in the image. Two more fountains - Moor and Neptune - are located in this square. The Moor Fountain is located in the southern part of the square and the Neptune Fountain - in its northern part.

To download appropriate coordinates, select name from the list. Rotating image at 90 degrees, you may study items of interest from different sides.

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