find GPS coordinates of the locality Map coordinates acres calculator to calculate the area and length Area Calculator

Satellite maps in chronological order

Archive of images taken with the planet's orbit Google has launched an online service, which allows observing the changes in the Earth landscape that have occurred since 1984 based on satellite maps.
The service allows viewing the satellite images one by one, indicating a particular year of shooting or their sequence in the animated form

Satellite maps and measurement of the locality altitude above sea-level

locality altitude above sea-level Every user of Google Earth or Google maps can easy determine the peaks' altitude or the oceans' depth without prolonged expeditions and expensive equipment.

How the satellite maps are made

how to create satellite maps With the help of satellite maps everyone has the opportunity to look at the place of interest to him (his house, office, and airport) on the photographs taken with an artificial Earth satellite. Many Internet users are interested in the question of how the process of filling and updating the satellite images is performed.

Beautiful Earth

satellite in Earth orbit People of the Earth have no another place in the Universe,
which they can call their home

Several experiments for distance and area measuring according to satellite map accuracy testing

How to measure the area of the continent or any places in the world The popularity of online maps will be considerably lower if there is no possibility to make measurements in-situ with their help. However, they are interactive and their possibility to identify coordinates in any point of satellite image

Google 'View of the streets': the Amazon river trip

amazon google street view Google 'View of the streets': the Amazon river trip
is supplemented by the panorama photos of the Amazon.

Google maps for game consoles NES and the game for mobile devices

locality altitude above sea-level Google creates games taking cartographic service of Google maps as a basis. Google maps are both 8-bit version of game consoles NES and for mobile devices.

Treasure Island map on Google satellite maps

google map treasure island Search on satellite map of island in the ocean similar by description on Stevenson's map to 'Treasure Island'.

Rome fountains

There are about 280 fountains in modern Rome. The most outstanding architectural structures are considered to be the fountains Trevi, Triton and the Fountain of the Four Rivers ...

Google maps - a popular service

satellite maps for users Satellite maps are one of the most demanded, popular, and informative internet services

Interesting places on the Earth

travels and satellite maps live Nature, parks and architecture on a satellite map