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Imitator of the Earth view from the satellite

This little utility is the simulator of the view from the satellite of the turning round Earth. The model shows the planet's view from the video camera of the spaceship moving in the flatness of the equator. The orbit's height of the spaceship is 2000 km and the deviation of the camera from the normal to the planet's surface is 25 degrees. The simulated satellite moves very quickly and flies over the planet for 1.5 minute only. It is approximately 60 times faster than the real artificial satellite does it.

The purpose of this simulation is to show the thrilling picture of the turning Earth globe. Unusual, wonderful and beautiful picture on the satellite map is when the night turns into the day and add its inimitable effect in the total picture. The change of the darken and illuminated sectors of 3d's map corresponds to the facts, that is to say it corresponds to a real day or night on the planet. By the way, you can turn off this regime and then you can enjoy the constantly illuminated landscape.

show day and night