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Find places near a point on the map

The main purpose of the service is to find the location of the restaurant, the hotel, the car-parking, etc. on the map and make the route to this institution or the route between any others points.

To do this you have to find the locality or specify the necessary point by clicking on the map.

Then you need to select the type of places (hotels, restaurants ...) that are located around this point.

Clicking by the marker will give you the following information: phone number, address, location, user ratings and reviews about this place.

To build a route of movement, choose the option 'get Direction' and specify by clicks the points of departure and arrival.

The route can be made for the purpose of driving the car or the bicycle or for taking a walk.

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  • Search of a hotel, a restaurant or a car–parking in city will be done according to the address chosen from the list in the block of the place of search or regarding the placing of a marker on the map show by a click. The radius of a search is 1.5 mi (The radius to search the airport is 10 mi).
  • Many pointers to the hotel or restaurant contain the information with the response of the visitors and their opinion about this institution.
  • In the regime 'Get Directions', to build the scheme of getting about city show on the map by clicks the points of start and finish of the route.
  • Option 'Transit' will prompt you, how to get somewhere taking the public way of transport.
  • The regime 'Traffic' will give the information about the traffic conditions of city roads now (green lines mean that the road is free; red lines show the traffic jam)
  • Pay attention to the option 'Transit'. You have to choose it when you have decided to get to your place of destination by the public transport. In that case the route of your travelling will be made according to the bus (trolley-bus, tram, minibus or fixed-route taxi). They can have all detailed information about the number of the public transport, its time-table, its service and the nearest time of departure after clicking on the point of the route. This point is marked as a small ring on the itinerary.

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