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How to calculate the area and length

All calculations are reflected in the below left corner of the Area Calculator and the conversion metric is done at the same time.

Choose the instrument you need to do your measuring and then with a click add them on the map:

  • a Line
  • a Polygon
  • an Angle
  • a Circle
  • a Rectangle

  • When you compute the locality's area or the object by the calculator, at the same time, the length of the exclusive line is clearly defined.
  • When you determine the area of a circle, area calculator computes the radius too.
  • When you do measuring don't forget to disconnect the viewing conditions of satellite pictures at the angle of 45 degrees.
  • When you do your measuring, you have to look at the Google map at the right angle (of 90 degrees). In a different way your calculation will be wrong.
  • When you move the marker on the 'Circle', the radius of the circle is changed and its area is changed too. There are two markers in the corners to measure the area of a rectangle. It makes it possible to change the coordinates. The instrument 'Angle' measures angles, for example, the angles of roads' crossing.
  • When you measure, the angle of less than 180 degrees is seen in the information window. To choose the next measuring tool you have to press the button 'Exit' and after this the second instrument in the maps area calculator will be accessible.