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Finding the geographic coordinates, addresses and locality's altitude over Google maps

This application is intended for finding the geographic locality's coordinates on the Earth over Google maps.
The program determines the locality's longitude, latitude and altitude above sea-level (or a depth of the sea) in a chosen point on the map. The service will show the right address of the object.
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   The satellite map is built-in on a page. If you move the pointer of the mouse inwardly of the map you will notice that coordinates change dynamically. If you click in any place of the maps the current longitude and latitude will be kept up. At the same time the address of the object you look at (country, town, city, street, house, and postal index) will be determined on the map. If necessary, the map on a screen can be printed.
Enter the address of interesting you object in the line of the search that is below of the satellite maps and press 'search'. If the object is found, the map informs you and it will show you the searching locality.
  One can determine coordinates in all modes of map's work. Latitude and longitude are watched after the click. The coordinates are presented in the formats: 'degrees with a decimal fraction' and 'degrees, minutes, seconds with a decimal fraction'. The latter format is the most popular for Google Earth. Both determination of coordinates and computing of locality altitude (above sea-level) are made simultaneously.
  One can determine the depth of oceans and seas too. Then the altitude above sea level will be with a minus sign. Parallel with determination of the current scale on the map, the maximum permissible approaching level in this spot is computed.
  Having determined and taken down the coordinates you are interested in (latitude and longitude), you can return to the object on the satellite map which you are interested in. For the purpose of doing it the longitude and latitude are entered with comma in the line of search that is in the lower part of the map. The addresses in big American, Australian, British cities are clearly found on Google map.
In some cities the viewing of aerophotos is possible at an angle of 45 degrees. Certainly, it's beautifully and it a true notion of locality research on the map. But sometimes one must disconnect this mode. One can do it in two ways - by helping of built-in Google map tools or to disconnect the viewing of "45 degrees" in checkbox under the map.
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