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The practical application of Google satellite maps

Satellite maps are applied in agriculture, in timber industry, in geodesy, in geophysics, for learning tourist routes and the routes for scientific and research expeditions. They are applied in the personal mobile devices together with modules GPS of navigation.

They use satellite live maps to learn the locality, to determine coordinates, to calculate the distance, to measure the length of the territory, to determine the relief. The satellite live maps are used to learn geography, to determine the traffic routes and for other aims. The people working in this field are able to use the satellite maps in their web-sites and manage them by service programs API (Application Programming Interface) of satellite maps.

Google satellite maps

Use Google map for find the longitude and latitude is a basic web offering powerful primarily service which is used for searching for location on the Earth. With the aid of a satellite map you can dynamically (real time) determine the coordinates of the object on the Earth. Use the live satellite maps, one can easy find the address of the object, determine locality altitude above sea-level and make the conversion address into coordinates.

The street view maps

map and street view The service helps to find the pictures with the 'Street View' and it gives the possibility to show such picture to your friends using the social network or to determine the parameters for placing the panoramic image on your web site.

Area calculator (Google maps to measure distance and area)

calculate the area or length of the ground using live satellite maps calculator Measuring tool for the purpose of calculation of the object area, the locality and the distance between the objects. Calculations on the map are made precisely. If the markers are placed carefully on the measuring locality, then the deflection from the real figures can be a little short of a half-meter.

Double satellite live maps

live satellite maps work in different mode Two Google maps connected together are interactive double live maps. These double maps live work in different modes at the same time (synchronously).
One of these maps live is in the satellite maps' mode and the other one is in the live satellite images' operating condition at the same time. If the coordinates of the live map change, the coordinates of the other live Google map will change automatically too.

Auxiliary tools provide the user with an opportunity to evaluate the length of an object and find its geographic coordinates.

Google map as a magnifying glass

 This map will be useful to do the dynamic review of the magnified image of the determined area of the Earth surface Looking at the Earth and using satellite images you need to change from time to time a zoom level to the Earth surface on Google maps. The additional live map as a magnifying glass gives the possibility to do the dynamic review of the magnified part of the picture.

Collection of coordinates

Collection of coordinates of satellite images and view from the streets People were always interested in travelling to unknown mysterious or historical places. Tourism and travelling were always in high needs. Let's use the resources of modern technologies to look at the satellite images on the Google map: ruins of ancient cities in Peru, the pyramids in Egypt, mysterious symbols, Paris museums, Stonehenge in United Kingdom, imperial palace in China, skyscrapers in USA and Japan, artificial islands in Dubai or simply to see an interesting view on the satellite map.

Google cartorgraphical service in other Web-Apps

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